Education - the key for climate justice

Global learning is one of the main goals of the association "School Forests for West Africa e.V." alongside the various tree planting projects. For environmental groups at schools, for events or for further education at home - we provide suitable materials on this site as well as on our social media sites.



Worldwide: Listening to forest on an interactive map

Solutions: Eco Africa - The Environment Magazine


Ressources for environmental education (in German) 

Abenteuer Regenwald:

Ebasa (Bildungsangebote) :

Frei-Day (Schultransformationsstrategien) :

Globales Lernen:


Greenpeace Kids:

Gutes Leben für alle: https://dasgutelebenfü

GöFair - fairer and sustainable city tour Göttingen:


Plant-for-the-planet / Tree talks:


Sofatutor / Regenwald Ghanas:


Umwelt im Unterreicht: 



Whole Institution Approach:


Resources for environmental education (in English) 

African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative:

Education for Sustainable Development (training for trainers) :

Foundation for Environmental Education:

Sustainable Development Goals: 

WWF Resources:


Information about Ghana: 

Ghanaian Embassy in Germany:

The Ghanaian Government:

News pages: 

Together for Africa: 

Information for children at "Afrika Junior": 


This list makes no claim to completeness. If you find a link missing in this collection, we would be pleased to receive a hint. Thanks a lot!